Become a Master

$60/mo $90/mo $120/mo
Great Value Better Value Best Value
For the most valiant and adventurous of MASTERS! You'll never have a boring weekend again! Great for any group of gamers or VR enthusiasts!
2 hours of game time per month 3 hours of game time per month 4 full hours of game time per month
20% discount for guests 25% discount for guests 30% discount for guests
25% off tournament entry fees 50% off tournament entry fees FREE entry into tournaments
Book in advance and redeem any day of the week (No day or time restrictions)
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No refunds, cancellations, or rescheduling appointments on the day of the appointment. Please make sure at time of your booking that you can attend your reservation time.
Late Arrivals
We advise arriving 10 minutes early to check-in and attend a short optional VR tutorial. Your reservation automatically starts at the designated time, so late arrivals risk losing time from their session.

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