Membership Tiers



Great Value

For the most valiant and adventurous of MASTERS!

2 hours of game time per month
20% discount for guests
25% off tournament entry fees
Book in advance and redeem any day of the week



Better Value

You'll never have a boring weekend again!

3 hours of game time per month
25% discount for guests
50% off tournament entry fees
Book in advance and redeem any day of the week



Best Value

Great for any group of gamers or VR enthusiasts!

4 full hours of game time
30% discount for guests
FREE entry into tournaments
Book in advance and redeem any day of the week

XSVR, LLC, reserves the exclusive right to cancel any Membership and refund unearned Membership Dues if it has reason to believe an applicant or member provided false information in any portion of the Application for Membership.

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Membership FAQs

We're certainly not here to stop anyone from buying their own VR headset! We love the proliferation of VR and expect that personal systems will continue to pop up in homes all over Texas and elsewhere. However, an HTC Vive and computer to support it is a significant investment of money and space. More importantly, VR is a social activity at XS VR. If you want to play multiplayer games, you'll need to have access to more than one system. Get your significant other or friends to join with you, and you've got an awesome monthly date night or hangout ready to go.

Your membership package sessions can be used by anyone! In fact, we highly encourage friends & families to share a membership. This way you can take advantage of the significant savings at low costs per person. Or use for just yourself, we don't mind!

We provide multiple membership lengths to choose from so that you can choose the one that's right for you! Your commitment enables us to invest in a variety of games and quality equipment for your experience. After your initial commitment length is up, feel free to cancel anytime.

Each month, you'll be able to book into your membership level's number of sessions for free. You can choose to book these on any public offering of stations on any day of the week. You can book simultaneous slots and bring others to play in them, or you can book back-to-back slots and maximize your time by getting 10 extra minutes in between each session. Or you can space your time out and come on several separate days - it's totally up to you. All your slots for that month must be redeemed before your membership renewal date.

Absolutely! Because your credits only work on single sessions, you'll either need to fully book out back-to-back slots to create your party, or you'll need to contact us for assistance.